Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What's all this fuss

I guess I will start writing a blog. I first discovered blogs two days ago, when it was reported that Gomery Inquiry testimony was published in a US blog. Every since I have been reading blogs and some how found other people's mundane ramblings entertaining. Almost like the TV reality shows. I can't image why one would want to read about my day to day life, but hey here goes.
I am at work right now. I have been at work for two weeks. 24/7. For the past one week I have done nearly nothing work related. I have maybe talked to the office once for five minutes. I have sent in my morning report daily which takes up about five minutes each day. And I suppose I have reset the computer about one or two times a day which takes fifteen seconds. The rest of the time I have been surfing the internet, listening to internet radio and doing e-mails. I have another two weeks of this. In a few days time we may start up operations again, in which case I will have work to do.
I am working generally from 6 pm to morning so I watch great sunrises across the water out of my window. I have a fantastic ocean view.