Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Safe and Cold Water

It's not bad working in Colombia. There are safe areas and there are not so safe areas. I just happen to working right now in an area that is fairly safe. However a few days ago the rebels FARC blew up a pipeline near the border of Colombia and Venezuela.  The rig here where I am is not where near there and hopefully that will not happen here. It is about a 4 hour drive from the rig site here to Villvavicencio the nearest good sized town. From Villavicencio it is another 3 hours drive (to 5 hours depending on truck traffic) to Bogota. As I am a foreigner, my company does not allow me to travel on that road, even if I would be with my Colombian workmates. I have to go on the 40 minute flight to Bogota. This is sometimes, not good as on one trip I could not get a flight and has to wait an extra day in Villavicencio. The only complaint that I had with the hotel is that sometimes the water is not hot. I think they turn off the hot water in the afternoon and only turn it back on for the morning showers. The rig is a bit unusual also as there is no hot water. Most rig sites do have hot water. It takes a bit to get used to and is definitely not an enjoyable experience.

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